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Company Profile

We are one of the leading contract logistics service providers in China. Since our establishment in 2001, our mission has been to provide logistics solutions to companies in need of storage and delivery assistance in China. Through our experienced management team, we apply our well-established management system and operation procedures to assist companies in China to increase efficiency and improve their own management systems with respect to transportation, warehousing and time management. We aim to provide our clients with superior and customized services. Our business slogan is “When you entrust us with your goods, we cherish them as our own.”

Our integrated logistics solutions are comprised of three segments: (1) B2B freight transportation services; (2) cloud storage services; and (3) value-added services. Since our inception, we have developed extensive and reliable transportation networks in China, covering 341 cities across 31 provinces, as of December 31, 2022. Furthermore, we serve more than 4,000 manufacturers and trading companies (medium-scale to large-scale) throughout China, including brand names such as CATL Battery, Bright Dairy, SF Express, Schneider Electric, and Xiaomi.

We believe that the following competitive strengths have contributed to our success and differentiated us from our competitors:

        ●     contract logistics service provider with established operating history in China;               

        ●     operational efficiency driven by detailed operational guidelines;               

        ●     scalable integrated network model;                  

        ●     extensive and growing ecosystem;               

        ●     superior service quality; and               

        ●     experienced and visionary management team with a proven track record.

We aspire to be a leading player in the contract logistics industry in China and we intend to pursue the following strategies to further grow our business:

        ●     expand market share;               

        ●     broaden our service offerings;               

        ●     further strengthen our nationwide transportation networks;               

        ●     enhance our technology platform and infrastructure; and               

        ●     pursue strategic alliances and acquisition opportunities.